Saturday 2nd November, 2024.

We are very excited to announce a fab line-up of London IWF speakers for this year’s event, they include Yannick Chastang, Mark Harrell, Chris Schwarz, Phil Edwards, Megan Fitzpatrick, Derek Jones and Richard Arnold. Find out more about each speaker below.

Itinerary of LIWF Speakers:

Saw Sharpening
Mark Harrell – 11.00, 14.30

Peasant Furniture
Chris Schwarz – 11.30

Making Traditional Wooden Planes
Phil Edwards – 12.30

Shaker Furniture
Megan Fitzpatrick – 13.00

Cricket Tables
Derek Jones – 13.00

18th Century Joinery
Richard Arnold – 13.30

Yannick Chastang – 14.30

Richard-Arnold one of London IWF Speakers.
Richard-Arnold talks about 18th Century Joinery at 13.30 on Sat 02/11/24.

2024 Speakers at LIWF

Comb-back Stick Chair with Christopher Schwarz. One of London IWF Speakers.
Christopher Schwarz

Christopher Schwarz

Passionate hand tool woodworker, publisher, author of ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest’ and many other fine titles on the subject of woodworking.

Christopher Schwarz has a reputation for telling it like it is. Chris is a mine of information on the craft of furniture making and, in particular, the use of hand tools.

Megan Fitzpatrick. One of London IWF Speakers.
Megan Fitzpatrick

Megan Fitzpatrick

Megan Fitzpatrick is editor at Lost Art Press in Covington, Ky. Her work has appeared in Fine Woodworking, Mortise & Tenon and Popular Woodworking (of which she is a former editor). She’s been teaching hand-tool woodworking classes for more than a decade, and can most often be found working alongside Christopher Schwarz in the Lost Art Press shop in Covington. 

She lives in Cincinnati with her cats, Olivia and Toby, who enjoy hanging out in the basement shop while Megan works on restoring a circa-1905 American foursquare…for which she admits to sometimes using powered tools. Though her formal education is in English literature with a concentration on early modern drama, she promises to keep the Shakespeare references to a minimum.

Illustration for Furniture Makers with Ian Parker. One of London IWF Speakers.
Ian Parker

Ian Parker

Ian Parker originally trained as a commercial artist and has worked in many creative industries including technical illustration and ice sculpture.

Ian started designing and making his own furniture in the early ‘90s before establishing his business in 2008. He’s been teaching classes at his studio workshop in East Sussex since 2016 and has a range of new and challenging courses planned for spring / summer 2024 suitable for students of all skill levels.

Mark Harrell. One of London IWF Speakers.
Mark Harrell

Mark Harrell


Following an illustrious career in the US Military Mark transformed a healthy obsession with vintage saws into the world-renowned Bad Axe Tool Co. developing a range of hand built precision saws for the discerning woodworker. Mark has written extensively on the subject of saw sharpening and maintenance and the techniques necessary to restore vintage saws. His expertise on the subject is unrivalled and since retiring from making saws he’s dedicating his time to delivering seminars and passing on the skills that make Bad Axe the best in their field.

Phil Edwards. One of London IWF Speakers.
Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards is the craftsman behind Philly Planes, who are reviving the lost art of the wooden plane making in the UK.

As a woodworker with a passion for hand tools, planes in particular, it was inevitable that he would end up making them himself. From his workshop in Broadstone, Dorset he makes each individual plane by hand.

Shaye Chatfield

Shaye Chatfield has a background in furniture making and has been a professional user of Lamello equipment for more than 20 years. He’s been demonstrating their products internationally for more than 10 years and is now the UK Sales Manager for the brand.

Richard Arnold

Richard Arnold. One of London IWF Speakers.

Richard Arnold is a joiner, and cabinet maker with a passionate interest in early wooden planes, and associated tools. He is keen to keep traditional skills alive, and demonstrates how old wooden planes were used, and actively encourages fellow woodworkers to embrace the idea of not just collecting old planes, but also to use them in the modern workshop. Richard is always happy to give advice on old woodworking tools, so if you want to bring anything along to the show that you want some advice on, he will be on hand to give you any help he can.

Yannick Chastang Conservation. One of London IWF Speakers.
Yannick Chastang

Yannick Chastang

Yannick Chastang has an international reputation as a leading specialist in French and marquetry furniture. He trained originally at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, gained work experience in private workshops in Paris and the USA, before being employed at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and at the Wallace Collection in London where he developed a passion for, and understanding of, historic furniture.

Since 2003, Yannick Chastang restores, makes and teaches in his workshop in Kent, working for public and private collections around the world. He is the author of Paintings in Wood: French Marquetry Furniture and numerous articles on marquetry, history of furniture, conservation and ormolu. | @yannickchastang

Derek Jones. One of London IWF Speakers.

Derek Jones

Derek Jones is a furniture maker and tool maker and author of the book Cricket Tables for Lost Art Press.

Following a ten year stint as editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine he joined the London Design & Engineering UTC in London where he is now Furniture Faculty Lead in charge of delivering the new T Level Furniture qualification in Craft & Design.

He is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers and member of their education committee.