Illustration for Furniture Makers

Illustration for Furniture Makers with Ian Parker

An art course with Ian Parker – a 2 day course

30th October – 31st October, 2024 | £277.00

An ability to produce visuals of any imagined piece of furniture is a useful skill for the amateur maker and a definite advantage to a professional.

This two day intensive art course is unique, unlike traditional art courses where you might practice drawing from still life, this teaches you to sketch from your imagination.


Dutch Tool Chest with Megan Fitzpatrick

Megan Fitzpatrick

Make a handsome and useful tool chest – a 3 day course

30th October – 1st November, 2024 | £890.00

This course is a great introduction to several bedrock hand-tool joinery techniques used to make a Dutch Tool Chest with Megan Fitzpatrick


Comb-back Stick Chair with Christopher Schwarz

Comb-back Stick Chair with Christopher Schwarz

Build a comb-back stick chair – a 5 day course

28th October – 1st November, 2024 | £1,455.00

By using common materials and tools on hand – plus a variety of methods, you can build a comb-back stick chair to take home!

Stick chairs are a vernacular form of furniture that was built by farmers or any non-professional woodworker. Stick chairs were built using the materials around the woodworker (green wood, dry wood, salvaged wood, found wood), and simple tools. Despite these limitations, stick chairs have a rugged beauty and a somewhat animalistic nature.


London IWF Speakers

Yannick Chastang Conservation

Saturday 2nd November, 2024.

We are very excited to announce a fab line-up of London IWF speakers for this year’s event, they include:
Yannick Chastang, Mark Harrell, Chris Schwarz, Phil Edwards, Megan Fitzpatrick, Derek Jones and Richard Arnold.